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We are happy to be a part of your special event! Soul Attire will bring a modern, sophisticated sound to your wedding, cocktail party, birthday celebration, or whatever else you are celebrating!

Soul Attire Acoustic Band

Featuring the cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument originating in Peru, acoustic upright bass, vocals, guitar, as well as saxophone and flute, this eclectic mix results in a fresh sound that will enhance any celebration.

Soul Attire enjoys taking well-known songs and changing the instrumentation or feel, resulting in a new take on an old hit. The band draws inpiration from multiple genres of music including pop, jazz, latin, rock and more.

If you wish to integrate a visual aspect to the presentation, various sized screens are available as add-on. While the band performs, choregraphed images and videos are played on the screens. A truly original take on entertainment!

Acoustic Band

Creating a unique ambiance for any event, the 5-piece acoustic band brings a unique flavor, no matter what you are celebrating.

Soul Attire Photo Shoot Dec 2018-11.jpg

DJ’s are available for hire to work in collaboration with the band/duo or alone.  Our DJ’s have many years of experience, are comfortable with animation, and feature a wide selection of music.  Soul Attire is able to supply audio/visual equipment as well as lighting upon demand.

DJ / Audio Visual

Soul Attire offers full DJ services.

Soul Attire Duo

Featuring a vocalist and percussion/piano, this format provides the perfect mix of your favorites from the world of pop, top 40, latin, rock and much more. An excellent choice when you are looking to get your guests up on the dance floor!


Soul Attire is available in a duo format.

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